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Turin A&T, the news about the Fair of Technology

A&T - Fair of Technology in Turin

The A&T of Turin, the famous fair of Technology, renews itself for the thirteenth times.

Up to 15 thousand visitors entered in the house of the industrial technology in Torino between the 13rd and the 15th of February of the 2019, discovering the last news about industrial innovation and technologies 4.0, with specific focus about quality and testing, robotic and digitalisation dedicated to the italian manifacturing industry, to the System Integrator and the R&D.

But let’s firstly talk about the history of this famous event.

A&T - Salone della Tecnologia di Torino
The A&T’s logo, the fair of Technology

The history of the Fair of Technology

The A&T, abbreviation of Automation & Testing was born in the 2007 as a show dedicated to the technological innovations, especially the ones about Proofs and Measurement (which is the Testing), so to can spread and let better know those concept which are becoming ever more important in the modern history.

The Fair shortly became one of the most important and the main expositions dedicated to the technological world and, so, an important window even for the same technological progresses.

The robotic breakthrough

In the 2015, the fair of Technology was able to make a big step forward, by evolving in the A&T Robotic World, the Fair of Robotic, where was proposed again the same model of  Testing like the previous editions but in the field of robotic.

This was a really bold move by the event’s organizers, especially because it allows it to increase of almost the 30% the number of people interested to the event and the 27% the number of the exhibitors which come not only from Italy, but even from the european and asian world.

A&T - Salone della Tecnologia di Torino
The fourth Technological Revolution arrives

The entrance in the Oval Lingotto

A new success for the A&T arrived in the 2017 when the Oval Lingotto Fair, a prestigious pavilion of 20.000 sqm, became the site of the fair, by increasing even the lenght of the fair’s days.

If before the A&T took only two days, now the event took three whole days, allowing so to increase the number of stands and exhibitions.

The renewal

In accordance to this whirlwind of changes, the A&T decided to change one more time, improving the identity of its brand, arriving to create its current format, which is the one of testing of the robotic’s field, which takes the name of A&T – Automation & Testing, by joining the description and the understanding of the new technological products and to test on the field those new kinds of machines.

Furthermore many contests were launched to let the new exhibitors and the new brands partecipate, so to go on increasing the quantity and the quality of the event.

The exhibitors of the 2019

For exhibitors we mean those people that decided to present their own company and their own products in the Fair of Technology, which are divided into categories, which are:

A&T - Salone della Tecnologia di Torino
The world already changed

A&T’s numbers of the 2019

With up to 500 stands and exhibitors, an increase of the 22% of visitors compared with the previous years, about seventy interviews and conferences made by spearheads of the technology’s world, the Fair of Technology of Turin was so the most complete and followed edition of the thirteen years of exhibition.

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