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World Backup Day: what’s it and why is it so important?

World Backup Day

Maybe it happens to you to hear that the last 31st of March was the World Backup Day 2019, but what’s it and why did we decide to promote this anniversary?

Into computers, smartphones and tablets there are our whole lifes, family pictures, important documents, work files, videos of the most important anniversaries, etc. Losing all of this will be incredibly painful. Don’t have any more the possibility to see again those pictures shooted in the most beautiful moments of our life, the first holiday together, the birthday of our son, it’s unthinkable. Or finding ourselves loosing important documents of work or study, to which we spent so much time and so much effort that only thinking about it gives us chills.

Fortunatelly there is a solution to all of it, the backup, a digital copy of all our datas. We always have to remember to make a copy or we risk to lose everything in a second.

The numbers

Often the datas get lost because we don’t know about the possibility to make the backup or because we don’t have the knowledges and the skills to make it, or, even,because we postpone it until it’s too late.

Right for this reason was born the Backup Day, to remember us how much it’s important to make a second copy of all our important files and to let know all that there is the possibility to easily and fastly do it.

Make the backup before it's too late
What would you do if you lost everything?

If, even though all of this, we are too lazy and we are still postponing, here you have the numbers that will let us think about it:


  • Every minute 113 smartphones get stolen or lost, with the consequent loss of all the material not backuped on other devices;
  • Every month a computer on 10 is infected by virus and often the biggest part of its content get lost;
  • The 29% of the disasters (loss of important documents) is caused by accidents;
  • The 30% of the people who use those instruments never made a backup;
  • Up to 65% of the users in the world lost at least once its own datas.

The Backup Day is a pledge with ourselves

To avoid those terrible catastrophes that every day take place in the lifes of all of us, small and big accidents that take us away a piece of life, the Backup Day pushes us to take a solemn pledge.

Here you have why the World Backup Day is important
Regularly backuping our own files is important


A pledge once a year, if we aren’t able to follow shorter deadlines, to remember us to copy the most important files.

“I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st”.

The backup is easier than we think, it’s enough to get an external hard disk where copying all the content of our PC or our mobile devices. Sure it might take long time to carefully select the memories and the documents that we would like to store, but it’ll be worth it. Alternatively there are now many online services. Mostly the backup can be just set with regular deadline and leaving that our devices will do everything. For example, do you know that every night at 3 o’clock, our mobile phone autonomously does the Whatsapp’s backup?

Whatsapp makes the backup every night at three o'clock
Let your smartphone autonomously make the whatsapp’s backup every night

World Backup Day 2019

The one of the 2019 was the ninth edition of the World Backup Day, which was born in the 2011. Even though the datas aren’t yet the nicest ones we already start to see the firsts positive impacts. This year, infact, it’s been registered an increasing of the 24,1% compared with last year, of users that chosen to make the backup of their own datas. There is still an alarming 13% of the interviewed that doesn’t know what the backup is and a 55% that claims to do the backup only occasionally.

Even though the World Backup Day is finished already it’s never too late to copy all our datas.

“What would you do if you lost everything?”

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