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The new technologies of Scotland Yard

Modern and technological: it's the new Scotland Yard

The crime fighting passes even through the new technologies, using Internet and the social networks. The investigative methods adapt themselves to the reality changes. Here you have why the police of Scotland Yard doesn’t hesitate to keep itself at the forefront. 

Known all over the world for its efficiency, the police corp of her Majesty the Queen were in the past considered lack of opening for the news of the technological era. 

In the 2013, a Telegraph man claimed that the technologies and the research’s facilities of Scotland Yard were still stuck onto the ’70s.

The “New Scotland Yard” and the Met (London’s Metropolitan Police Service) needed to reaffirm their prestige in the investigative’s field. A challenge brilliantly passed with the introduction of new advanced technologies and ever more sophisticated informatic systems.

How did the Scotland Yard technologies evolved from the 2013 to today

“The british police is ill-equipped and are the same agents to suffer”, wrote in the 2013 the Telegraph. “Those people at home have tablets and smartphones. At work instead they have to call the headquarter in radio to access to the background datas of the criminals and of the suspects’ lists.”

An office of the modern Scotland Yard
Agents working in a modern office of Scotland Yard

Since there passed really many water under the bridge. The nowadays Met has really advanced systems for the criminals’ identification. As the “Secrets of Scotland Yard” reveals, the british police has more than one technological ace in the hole.

Face recognition’s systems, last generation analytic softwares and even artificial intelligences… Behind every case of Scotland Yard there is all of it and much more.

Especially when the investigations move their steps into really fragile fields. Like, for example, the fight against the international terrorism, which uses all the power of the new informatic systems.

Ultra advanced cameras and face recognition; that’s how the Met comes after the terrorists

The new safety cameras help the work of Scotland Yard and of its agents
One of the best moves in the crime fighting is the introduction of new, advanced, safety cameras

Firstly, Scotland Yard interfaced with all the main safety cameras of England. Even the oldest ones, with grainy images and poor quality videos.

The videos obtained are detailed sectioned, looking for every useful clue for the investigations. The softwares combed through geometric elements (clothes, vehicles and buildings), geographical coordinates, light conditions.

By meticolously tracking matches, similarities and details maybe at a first look insignificant. But that’s only the first step.

The second phase of the Scotland Yard upgrades provides infact the usage of new safety cameras of last generation. Which in the next future, might fully use all the potentialities of the 4 and 5K and of face recognition’s softwares.

By comparing in detail somatic features, outlines, expressions and labial of hundreds of possible suspects.

The electronic “geek” of Scotland Yard; to the discovery of the data analysis software

Dal rilevamento termico all'estrapolazione dei video, i software di data analysis di Scotland Yard
Coordinates, thermal imagings, analysis of the geographic shapes and face recognition are only few of the “prodiges” of the data analysis’ softwares of Scotland Yard

But how is Scotland Yard able to manage the flow of contents of all the London’s cameras? And is it possible in the same time to check the space-geographic coordinates essential for locate and prevent new attacks?

It’s worth to the data analysis softwares, the “electronic geek” of the Met. Those special softwares catched the attention even of the police of the whole world, starting from the Turine‘s one.

The data analysis’ softwares of the Met work in real time on massive quantities of datas. Videos, audio records, GPS tracks.

The duty of the software is the one to translate the obtained material into statistics. And proofs, black on white. A hard challenge, that the Met’s systems get done in few hours.

Enough to trace whole weeks. And that allow, to the sleuths of Her Majesty, to trap even the smarter criminals.

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