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Games coming out in May of 2018

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May 2018 will be surely a really interesting month about a video gamer point of view. There are, infact, many games that are coming out with diversity of kinds that can satisfy everyone.
Let’s see what the next month will give us.

City of Brass

giochi in uscita

Let’s start streightwith a shoot, with one of the most interesting games that will release in May. City of Brass, at least for what we could see, will be a first person placed in an arab world with a fantasy background.

The game’s world, in general, appears well done and detailed, with many places to explore and objects with which we can interact.
The character will have two weapons: a saber and a whip. While the first one will be effectively the principal weapon, the second one will be very usefull to disarm the enemies, grab the objects and destroy others.

Definetly a title that promises to be really interesting and that will alternate action phases, puzzles and riddles to solve and exploration. Specifically the title will come out the 4th of May and it will be available on Pc Windows, Xbox One and PS4.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

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Between the most waited coming out games for May of 2018 we find surely even Pillars of Eternity II. After the huge success of the first chapter, infact, this second title is running like the probable best role game of the year.
The gamer will be thrown inside a new adventure where the decision made will be essential and they will have a big influence about what will happen.
The story, infact, would be developed in many different way with an incredible freedom.

About the news we will have a whole new world to explore and an our ship that allows us to go freely around from a place to another.
The personalization will be greatest with 7 characters between who choose our partners and the possibility to set up skills and classes.
The game will come out the 8th of May exclusivly for Pc Windows.

Fox N Forests

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Carry on with tha games that will be released in May of 2018 with a platform with really interesting mechanics. Fox N Forest specifically put us in the shoes of a fox equipped with an enchanted crossbow which we can use to shoot far away.
The most interesting aspect of this title is the possibility to change how we like the seasons so to deeply change the scenario. In this way we will solve some riddles and deal with some situations in a different way.

A game that, anyway, took something from the mechanics of the tiles in 16bit for the old generation consoles and that will represent a pleasant dive in the past for all the nostalgic. It is coming out the 17th of May for PcWIndows, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

Detroit: Become Human

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One of the games that will come out that let all speak about it even before the official launch date. Detroit: Become Human is a title realized by Quantic Dream and it has, like the previous masterpieces, a strong storytelling.
Specifically everything is placed in a not far away future where the humans delegated to the humanoids many duties and they use them for the most varied tasks.
We will have the possibility to wear the shoes of three characters and to take decisions to let the story ongoing.
All of the characters could die and it will be on us to decide if go on with the story without him or rewind the events.

The story, like the details, will be well done. The game will be released the 25th of May like PS4 exclusive.


giochi in uscita

Finally, let’s close this list of the games that will come out in May of 2018 with Agony, that the most likely ones already tryed in its demo version. The concept is really interesting and put us in the shoes of a damned soul that completely lose its memory, which directly wake up in the hell.
During our trip we could take over the bodies of other damned or pf minor demons.

The game will be available the next 29th of May on Pc Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

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