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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth

world of warcraft

Come back the old rivalry between the Horde and the Alliance, with the last expansion of the most famose MMORPG in the world, releasing at August of the 2018. While Azeroth is curing the injuries inflicted by the last crusade and the world is trying to rise up, the one between Horde and Alliance are ever more deep, lighting up old conflicts that will bring to unbury the hatchet. Take a place on your side, declare loyalty to Azeroth and start a new adventure between the war’s fire that will write the future of the world.

New races

Firstly, between the added things in this 7th expansion, there are six new races, three every side. Those can be unlocked through a series of missions and then used to create new characters. Between the new Alliance’s races there are the Void Elves, exilet elves, Dark Iron Dwarves and the Lightforged Draenei, just exited as winner from Argus. In the Horde, instead, there will be Nightborne, which just obtained the freedom by the devilish owners and are looking for their place in the world, the Zandalari Trolls, involved in a civil war between Zul and Rastakhan, and the Highmountain Tauren, tribe of the region.

New continents

After the latest conflicts the Alliance and the Horde take the see towards to two new continents, respectivily Kul Tiras and Zandalar, where our adventure will start to take a shape. The expeditions that will deal the Alliance will be dislocated in the Kul Tiras’ territory, which is mainly divided in three different sectors. We have the Tiragarde‘s zone, maine base of our adventure next to the Alliance, where we will find the Freedom’s bay. Toward the interland we find then the Drustvar‘s zone, where to wait for us we will find the Waycrest manor, one of the most powefull Kul Tiras’ family. Finally, under the control of pirates, we find the Stormsong Valley. While between the Horde’s lines we will explore the Zandalar‘s territory, governed by a Troll empire. Even from this side the continent is diveded mainly in three sectors. Zuldazar is the capital, main base of the Horde’s faction. Besides the capital we will find two different areas to deal with: the bleak swamp of the Nazmir‘s region and the immense and mortal deserts of the Vol’Dun‘s region.

New game’s mode

Besides to explore the two continents, we can sail towards unexplored isles, with groups of three people, where waiting for us there are enemies to face and resources to find. In this isles’ exploration we could find both enemies supported by AI or other players. Anyway, for who doesn’t love PvPs there is the possibility to limit the exploration only on the AI’s isles, without meeting any other real player. The isles, therefore, change themselves every time, allowing us to explore a world almost infinite, and four difficult’s level, to guarantee a better playability to everyone.

We will then come back on the time to WarCarft 3, thanks to the Warfront mode, where 20 players will cooperate to create a base, to increase the troops and to raid the enemy’s base. For now this mode allows only to cooperate to defeat an AI and not other players. There will be anyway some PvP and they will see fighting Horde and Alliance in the peninsula “Setting Shore”. Who will deal with this adventures will receive bonus and extra experience points.

Other changes and improvements

In this last expansion of World of Warcraft the gamers will deal with new dungeons, where to challenge them there won’t be only the adversaries but even the time, and new raids. There will be the introduction of an internal vocal chat, that the players can use without download any external applications, and clans, that will allow us to cross the edge of the Warcraft’s world for Azeroth not alone anymore, but next to friends and loyal allies.

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