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Smart light for your home

A warm light to create cosy atmospheres, a cold one to make them more urban. Thanks to the smart light it’s possible to pass from a light to another, to switch them on or off and to regulate the intensity with a simple tap on the dedicated applications.

The smart light starts from the LED

The smart light matches the normal light with the technology, by allowing an autonomous control.
To check and to regulate the lights from remote makes the light smart and it transform it in an instrument able to reduce the energy consumptions and to improve the energy efficiency.
illuminazione smart luci LED
The LED lights are the lights of the future that will help who will set up his home with the smart lights.
For efficient and smart lighting we meant two components. An efficient light with the usage of the LEDs allows a lower consumption of energy with equal performances and a smart light that thanks to the hardware and software check the efforts of the light sources by maximising the efficiency, besides than the energy efficiency. 

Smart light for your smart working

We said how much it’s important that the light inside our houses and our offices is efficient and up with the times.
The light has an important role especially when we work at home. A studied light LED not only stimulate the productivity, but it even gives a substanial saving on the electricity bill.
The technology LED, infact, allows to save up to 70% on our energetic costs, by allowing us to focus 100% on the work.
The balance between artificial light and natural light is the key aspect to manage the light when we work at home.

Ideally, your desk might be place next to a window. This will allow you to have an enough natural light and it will allow you to reduce the eyes fatigue. But not only. Many studies demonstrate that the presence of a window can stimulate the creativity.

In lack of an enough natural light, it’s important to act with solutions of artificial lights that give enough lights to can work with the maximum comfort for the eyes. The LED lights, or the hanging lamps are perfect to replace the natural light by enlighting all the working area.

The color temperature and the brightness

Generally the light of the house might have a color temperature of at least 4000 Kelvin. This is important especially if we work at home and we use it as the office.

A cold white light with a high percentage of blue promotes the focus and the productivity. Obviusly if the natural light is few, these white lights might be sides to others more brilliant and intense.

In this case though the lights won’t suite with your rest, so every room need the smart light at the right temperature according to its purpose. 

The best smart lights for your home

If yours is a domotic home, the lights are a component extremely important. Products that, if chosen right, can litarelly change the environment.

Like we said, the future of the smart light is the LED that replaced the old incandescent light bulb. The LEDs are ductile and cheap. They are saving lights under the energetic point of view and they are an universal standard for the home lighting.

smart light and domotic house
For a domotic house, the smart light is important.

There are many kinds of them, with different characteristics and functionings. To choose the right ones for your house you have to analyze the many characteristics of the lights implant and to understand the intended use of each room of your house.

If for example yours is a house with wireless Wi-Fi connection where many of the devices are connected through Bluetooth you need lights that can be controlled with the smartphone or that can connect to your household appliances.

There are LED lights with ultra smart internal devices that reduce the consumption and that can connect to the light implant with a click on the smartphone. This kind of smart light is connected to specific apps mobile that give the possibility to check with the phone the consumptions and to record the history of the change of the lights themselves.

Some of these lights can even connect themselves to the digital assistants like Alexa. For a super connected home, with which we can talk too.

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