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UFO, the CIA reveals the dossier on The Black Vault


The web is full of storytells about strange UFO sightings, of lights that bounce in the sky, by moving in a strange way, not natural. How many pictures, how many videos. Probably most of them are fake. However, meanwhile the CIA was collecting these datas. Between all the conspirators in the world, there was someone that was meticolously and hardly working in the silence, to find that dossier, desegregate and to make them public. The massive quantity of documents about the UFO of  the CIA is now online, on the website The Black Vault and everyone can go through all the storytells of sightings. Let’s give a look.


First of all, by opening the dossier of the CIA about the sightings of unidentif flighing objects, we’ll always find something that needs an explanation. Something that we must know if we would like to go through the technical language used in the collection of documents about the UFOs.

Unidentified flying object, up to half century of sightings

And it’s right about the word UFO that we would like to talk. Yes, because it seems that the iconic acronym UFO, Unidentified Flying Object, left the place to a new acronym: UAP, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

The difference is very important and substantial. Because while with the word UFO we understood that they meant an object, which is something made and drove (maybe even from remote) by an intelligente life form, UAP has a completely different meaning. An unidentified aerial phenomena can be something that the human beings don’t know, but this doesn’t mean that it must be done by an alien civilty.

The Black Vault

Let’s now talk about the website. By surfing on The Black Vault we understand that the intention was the one to create a mystery that surrounds the reader. They talk about paranormal phenomenas, but they don’t try to dispel the myths, not to confirme them. They don’t need it, in reality. Because the atmosphere itself gives us the feeling to be in front of a paranormal phenomena, or something incredibly mysterious, something that the governaments wanted to keep secret and, instead, here you have it, accessible to all.

The Black Vault
Welcome to The Black Vault, let’s have a look to the governative “secrets”

It seems to be in the plotters paradise, but in reality find these documents it was completely legal, even if surely complicated.

What will we find, so, in the website The Black Vault? We will find 2780 pages of documents CIA. A list of documents that can be downloaded in pdf or read online. The quality of the scans, anyway, isn’t great, but they are all readable.

The problem, otherwise, is another one. Which is the one to juggle in a complex bureaucratic Usa language, between acronyms and name, which are probably unknown to the most of us.

Not only UFO

If you are thinking to find 2780 different documents about the UFO, which means 2780 different sighitngs of unidentified flying objects, you are wrong. The dossiers contain everything: from the mysterious explosions of the 1991 in Russia (meteorite? Bombs? Alien attack?) to the furtiveness of the ex president of Bosnia, condemned for war crimes.

Dossier of the Cia
2780 pages scanned and published on the website, the quality is low, but they are all readable

There aren’t real sighitings of UFO, so, but they are all linked in same way to the presence of intelligente life forms, that sometimes visit the planet and interact with the human beings.

How did The Black Vault obtain the dossiers about the UFO of the CIA

If you think to find the secret documents of the CIA by flipping through the dossiers collected on the website The Black Vault you are wrong. Like we said the dossiers were all published legally.

The CIA says that they revealed all the documents about the UFO, are they really all?

In the United States, infact, as well as in Italy and in many other countries of the world, it’s possible to require documents and datas to the public authorities. To obtain that document is a citizen right. So John Greenwald Jr, founder of The Black Vault, made its request to view the documents of the CIA about all the sightings of unidentified flying objects.

Even if obtaining that documents it was his right, as an american citizen, it wasn’t easy. It took, infact, about 25 years and 10.000 formal requests. But Greenwald never give up and now the documents are all available on his own website.

Greenwald tells: “I received the documents inside a box. They were about 2000 pages and I had to scan them one by one”. Now the question is: are they all? The CIA said that they revealed all the dossiers about the UFO, but many don’t believe in the agency good faith.

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