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The useful apps that help us to face the pandemic

Apps for the pandemic

#IStayAtHome in the twenty-one century isn’t so hard. Don’t worry we won’t stay without grocery and we won’t die of boredom. The technology helps us to do everything and to do nothing. All we need is a smartphone and we can survive to the quarantine without taking a step outside. Here you have some useful apps that help us to face the pandemic, from home.

Useful apps to cook

What do the italian do during the quarantine? Home made pasta, perfect receipts, but especially a lot of bakes. Yes, infact, one of the thing that many noticed since when in the world the clock ticked the X hour are the priorities according to the different cultures. Many pictures that were spreaded around the world, shown the americans bought tons of toilet paper, the hollands were in line in front of the coffee shops. While, in the italian supermarkets, became now impossible to find the yeast.

App utili per la pandemia
Svuota frigo

The italian cooking is the best in the world and so the italians in quarantine cook. But to do it we don’t have to miss a little technological help, with some dedicated app. Besides the most famous ones like giallozafferano or Gustissimo, it’s really interesting “Svuota frigo”, the app that proposes us a receipt starting from the ingredients that we have at home.

Useful apps to work out

And after such eating we must without any doubt do some work out. Even if we can’t go to the gym or to run (please stop running in the street that until the last day we were all on the couch and now we improvise ourselves athletes), we can work out from home. The useful apps to work out at home are really a lot, but if we didn’t program it we might not have the right equipments to do it, and it’s for this reason that downloading “Exercises at home – without equipments” might be the answer to our problems.

App utili per la pandemia
Exercises at home – without equipments

The apps to do the grocery

Going outside to do the grocery is allowed but if we can avoid it, or if we want to avoid it to be safer, is better and, especially, it’s possible. Besides all the supermarkets that implemented their service with the deliveries, like Coop, Esselunga or Cortilia, we can assign our grocery to the services of Amazon Now or Glovo.

App utili per la pandemia

The apps to speak with the doctor

In this moment really particular for the humanity even a simple cold frightens us, but going to the doctor frightens us more, without calculate, obviusly, that it’s, mostly, forbidden or unsuggested.

App utili per la pandemia
Sos medico

How do we avoid get paranoid and have informations about our health conditions? “Sos Medico”, for example, is an app that connects us with the first available doctor for a consultation. But this isn’t the only app. Inside the Lazio region, for example, it’s available the application “Lazio Doctor Per Covid”, where we can find more than 1000 GPs of the region and make an self-assessment of our own health conditions.


Many suffers for loosing their own freedoms. Going out for a coffee at the bar or meet the friends for an aperitivo. Maybe a glass of wine or a cocktail aren’t essential goods, but for many it’s a great way to stop thinking at the bad things. Winelivery has a catalogue of more than 1200 drinks, between wines, beers, cocktails, everything arrives straight at you house in less than half hour and at the right temperature.

App utili per la pandemia


Read is one of the healthier hobby of the quarantine. But probably we already read the books that we have at home and going out to buy some new ones is forbidden. It’s not a problem if we don’t have an e-reader, we can use our own smartphone, by downloading some dedicated app, to start reading our next favourite romance.

Apps for the pandemic


Finally, but not less important, there are the useful apps to videocall, they are essential in this period in the middle of an emergency, where the world doesn’t stop, but goes on running fast inside our own houses. Online lessons for schools and universities, smart working, the videocalls are essential, but even here all we need is a smartphone.

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