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Agrorobotica against the harmful insects

The starup agrorobotica

In an ever more polluted world, where the usage of the pesticide seriously threats the pollinators like the bees, a help might arrive from the patent SpyFly by Agrorobotica. But what exactly is it? And how can this new technology really be used?

The SpyFly project

The startup Agrorobotica developed an innovative tracking system. By using algorithm with highly evolved artificial intelligence which are able to learn. It is so possible to recognise much quicker the arrival of insects harmful for the cultures. The possibility to find out in advance the criticality of the harvest allows to better act against the insect.

SpyFly is now in an advanced phase of tests and it is basically a robotic trap for the insects which uses sexual boosters to attract them with pheromones. In this way the trap can catch and recognise them (through sophisticated algorithms of artificial intelligence). In this way it’s possible to notice if there are or not harmful parasites and promptly work to eliminate only the detected one.

The first version of SpyfFy by Agrorobotica, it attracts the insects with pheromones and it recognises them thanks to the IA

Today the technic is the one to prevent every kind of insect by using different kinds of pesticide, often even by combining them, without being sure of a real infestation of the harvest.

The device is even eco-friendly for its supply, it uses infact the solar panels. But that’s not all, on demand it’s possible to integrate it with specifical different sensors and even with a meteo device. To have a clearest and more accurate idea of the situation of the many harvests and to take the most correct choices.

The whole system then is smart, it’s possible to receive the datas in realtime on smartphones and PCs. The system includes even to set notifications for example when some harmful insects are found.

Agrorobotica equipped Spyfly with an auto adaptive algorithm. It allows over the time, thanks to the detection of the informations of the many catchings, to create predictive models to prevent future infestations.

This project wants to open the doors to a larger development of bio cultures, without the risk to lose the harvest with the consequent increase of the prices.

Who is Agrorobotica

For a complete environmental sustainability we have to reduce or totally eliminate the pesticide, without risking to lose the whole harvest.

For this reason Agrorobotica was born. It was born in the 2017 in Scarlino. It grows inside the incubator in Milan TH2 and it starts to develop solutions for the accurate harvest and the farming management.

Now the startup is supported by the Foundation Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore too, a section of the Foundation Cariplo in the field of the impact investing. Agrorobotica received by the foundation 300 thousand euros of investment to improve their project. For this reason they are already producing the new model 2020 of SpyFly reviewed and improved.

Agrorobotica supports a biological farming with SpyFly

The purpose is the one to reduce the losses of harvest (and so even the food waste) beside to reduce the usage of anti-parasitic products. In case of sensitive crops like the grapevine, the olive trees or the fruit trees, for the parasites, we can lose from the 20 to the 50% of the harvest.

Often besides to not being able to promptly act, it is difficult to understand which is the harmful insect and the risk is the one to walk in the darkness by wrongly use harmful pesticides.

Spyfly seems the future of the farming 4.0 which in Italy worths between the 370 and the 430 million of euro. Always more companies use it and the solutions go from the Internet of Things (IoT) to the data analysis, by arriving to the usage of the robotic, but even of the drones.

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