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Xiaomi Mi Watch Color, Xiaomi’s new smartwatch

Meet Xiaomi Mi Watch Color, Xiaomi's multicolored smartwatch

Meet the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color! From January 3rd, the Chinese brand has breached once more into the rapidly growing smartwatch market.

The new Xiaomi smartwatch has already been the subject of much gossip and rumors. Finally, on January 3rd 2020 the wraps were off and the smartwatch is now available on most online stores – in english only.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Color isn’t just your ordinary watch. Its high-quality technical features are outstanding for a debuting – or near-debuting – product.  Xiaomi is taking its second move into the ever growing smart watch world, after the Mi Watch‘s triumphant exploit.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color has “stellar” autonomy

Xiaomi’s new smart watch immediately stands out for its never-before-seen autonomy.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Color mounts an outstandingly performing 420 mAh battery that can hold on for as long as one month with just one recharge.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color has a record battery
Xiaomi Mi Watch Color’s battery can last for over a month

You’ve perhaps have come across some hands-on videos trying the Mi Color – where a week after the unboxing, the watch’s battery was still over 65% full.

Xiaomi could effortlessy combine a wearable device‘s comfort with the convenience of a bulk of a battery that needs precious few recharges. With Mi Watch Color you’ll never be out of power again.

The best smart watch for sport lovers

Nevertheless, the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color is going to be an all time favorite among the sporting and outdoor activities buffs out there.

The smart watch is waterproof and has IP68 rating – meaning that you’ll never have to worry about water leaking into your precious smart watch to damage it.

A smartwatch for sport lovers
If you love outdoor activities, this is the smart watch for you

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The smart watch has a wide range of sport modes that you can choose from. Whatever the physical activity up your alley – be it jogging or good old gymMi Watch Color won’t let you down.

The watch can help you monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, fatigue ratio and much more besides. Keeping your stressant levels in check will enable you to parse out your energies in the best – and most productive – way.

An intuitive display with 1500 colored wristbands

The display is very peculiar with its simplistic, yet totally hi-tech design.

Xiaomi aptly played the nostalgia card, echoing the looks and feels of a traditional digital watch while honing the features that we all expect from modern-day smart watches.

The 1,39 inches AMOLED display is large, easy to read, and rounder than the average modern smart watch which tends to gravitate more toward square, futuristic shapes. But even though the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color might look like your father or grandfather’s wrist-watch, don’t be deceived by its looks.

Under the chassis lies a technological masterpiece that takes full advantage of its Android 4.4 OS, with customized push notifications, call functions, and much more else besides.

Up to 1500 different wristbands
The smartwatch can be customized with over 1500 different wristbands

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Watch is also fully customizable, with over 1500 different wristbands combinations to choose from. Make your smart watch as unique looking as yourself – in no time flat; now you can.

The case is available in two different colors – Elegant Black and Fashion Silver. 

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color only available in english

Currently, the only available version of Xiaomi Mi Watch Color is the Chinese one.

Language may be an issue, but Xiaomi has foreseen this issue and taken prompt action.

Although your smart phone may be set in Chinese by default, the English language is fully supported. To activate it, you’ll need to set English as the main language on your smartphone as well.{%ALT_TEXT%}

{%CAPTION%}All you have to do is to sync up your Mi Watch Color and smartphone  (via Bluetooth 5) to get full access the device’s english interface.

We still don’t know when – and if – Xiaomi will eventually release a “global” version of its new smart watch for international marketplaces.

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