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Previews about the new Android Q

Android Q

Google announced Android 9 Pie the 6th of August of the 2018. Even though it was the first one to be released in recent times, only a bunch of devices received the operating system until the end of the year. Infact, a huge portion of users is still waiting for Android Oreo.

Since we know the Google’s pattern of denomination, we know that the next version of the most popular operating system will be called Android Q, probably the 10 version.

Android Q
Android Q

When will be released Android Q?

The presentation of the new operating system signed Android is planned for the month of March of 2019.

It is interesting to mention how the last time that Android announced blatantly the release of a new version of its own operating system, it was in the 2012 with the release of Android Jelly Bean.

Actually, it introduced many news.

With this in mind, we expected to see the preview for Android Q (Android Q DP1) for the half of March, while for the public first build beta might be necessary to wait unitl May of 2019.

The stable final version, installable by all the users on their own smartphones, instead, might see the light in the next August of 2019.

Which sweet will Google choose for Android Q?

Now that Android 9 P is officially called Android Pie, the question that is in the mind of many passionated is which sweet will Google choose for the next version number 10, Android Q.

About this were made some hypothesis: Quesadilla, Quiche and Quinoa are already loved by the fans, but Google has even other options like Quail, Quesito, Qurabiya, Quaker Oats, Quenelle, Quinoa Pudding and so on.

Like always, Google loves that its own users try to guess which will be the name of the next OS. But the only way to know it is to wait that it will be released.

Android Q
Android Q

Will my device receive Android Q?

While some might be worry about the name of the next version of Android Q, what others want is to know if the operating system will be released for their own current devices.

At the moment, it isn’t easy to say. Generally, the telephone of the Premium band and some of the Midrange band receive two importants upgrades of the operating system during their life.

Anyway, we recently saw OnePlus promise a third upgrade of the main operating system for OnePlus 3 and 3T. They were released with Android Marshmallow and now they are equipped with Android Oreo, the second upgrade of the main operating system from their launch in the 2016.

If others OEM will follow this model is still soon to say it, but with the help of Google Project Treble, we could see a change in the future, a future where there is Android Q.

Android Q
Android Q

To know if your current device will receive Android Q, so, we have just to wait. By the way, we can all rest if we own a smartphone that, at the date of the release, had Android Oreo installed.

We can be ever more relaxed if its price was higher or equal of 700$. But, like underlined, Treble may bring us a new sunrise about the softwares’ upgrades.

It seems, infact, that much more Midrange (and even phones of lower budget like Nokia) with pre-installed Oreo will join the models in the high range to receive the upgrades of Android Q.

What can we wonder from Android Q?

The new Android 9 Pie is an important review of the operating system that we know, especially about the user interface. The clou is the adding of new gestural controls that might substantially improve the user experience of Android Q.

The fact that Android Pie represents an important change compared with Android Oreo and the previous versions, gives the feeling that Android Q won’t be followed by any further review.

Consequentially, the upgrades will be mainly focused on the technical changes introduced in Pie, with a graphical review. By the way, this means that Android Q will lack in elegants functioning that are worth to be explored.

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