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The Denmark: from the petrol to the wind energy

The Denmark has the primacy in the wind energy: it is the global biggest producer of wind energy. The Denmark is the country that produces the most electricity through the renewable wind energy. Within the next 40 years the Country wants to be fully separate from all the fossil fuels.

The last danish green record was the one to cover half of the national electrical demand only through the whirlwinds of the many wind parks spreaded in the country and on the sea.

The Denmark was even one of the first country in Europe to walk through the door of the 100 MW of wind energy from the 1987. The first ones to reach the edge of the 100 MW of wind energy were the United States in the 1983.

The Denmark is the biggest producer of wind energy of the world

Off-shore wind energy

The strong suit of the Denmark which allows it to be different and to reach really high green edges is the offshore wind. This new wind energy’s technology is the secret of the danish energy success. 

The off-shore wind infact is the new boundary of the wind energy. This specific technology, dispenser of energy, provides a spacial installation of the whirlwinds at flock, at delta or at linear rows next to the water.

For the biggest part those agglomerates of whirlwinds installed on the shores or even in the open sea. The advantages of this system are:

  • Huge quantity of available space
  • Continuous and intense wind
  • Don’t exist landscape restrictions
  • They use the same building technologies of the oil platforms

The peculiarity of the offshore implants is that they are placed in the “offshore”, which means on the sea, where it is possible to use strong winds that blow, without being slowed down by obstacles.

The offshore whirlwinds work like the ones on the mainland, unless all the problems about the erosion and the water movement, which get complicated their installations and their planning. The Denmark was the first country to use this new typology of wind system.

The first offshore wind implants composed by 11 whirlwinds (for a total of 5 MW) was realized in the Baltic Sea in the offshore of Vindeby, in Denmark, at the beginning of the years Ninety. United Kingdom and Denmark have the biggest installed capacity of eolic offshore, followed by China, Belgium and Germany.

Infact, the English are so encouraged to reach the levels of the Denmark and anyway they are really close to it.

The English signed and approved in August of the 2016 the one that will be the biggest offshore implant of the world, composed by 300 whirlwinds spreaded in an area of 480 kilometers square in the North Sea. 

The project of this massive wind implant provides the supply of around 1.800 mega watt of electricityy at around 1,8 millions of british houses.

The offshore wind park in Denmark

Innovation and efficiency

In the 2017 the Denmark covered the 42% of the electrical consumptions through the usage of wind energy, at national level. Besides the innovation of the wind implants, the Denmark have really high substainable energy primacy for another important element: the efficiency of the implants.

The efficiency of the implants is an essential characteristic for the danish country. Compared with the 2001, the Denmark counts even the 20% less of whirlwinds. Even though the reduction of installed implants, the results of the 2017 represent an indisputable success.

The ongoing whirlwinds saw an increasing of their efficiency passing by a capacity of 600 MW to a capacity which reach even the 1,2 MW. Compared to the goal of the 2017, the Denmark for the 2020 has big targets: arriving for the 80% to renewable consumptions.

Cover the 80% of the electricity need of a country is a big challenge but the Denmark is already starting politicies of encouragement and promotion of the wind renewable for the reaching of the fixed future levels.

In Italy, there isn’t any installation of offshore wind implants, although were presented more than 15 projects for implants on the italians offshores, which unfortunatelly fell down in the disregards or ostracised.

Wind energy in Europe
Wind energy in Europe

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