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Ultrasonics air purifier: news online

You can think they are useless objects, but they are between the most sold in this 2020. We are talking about the Ultrasonic air Purifier: electric products that diffuse water vapor in the environment, by keeping the right level of humidity in the environment.

Ultrasonic Purifier or humidifier

They are exactly the same thing. If you look online for “ultrasonic purifiers” you will find even the word “humidifier” as an object that makes the air healthier and cleaner. Let’s only say that the humidifiers evolved and if before they were bulky and and they needed space and a lot of electricity, now they are compact and easy to use, maybe for this reason they changed their name in purifiers.

ultrasonic air purifiers the first humidifiers
Before of the ultrasonic air purifiers there were the humidifiers of the air. They were bulky.

The mechanism is easy: through the electricity, the ultrasonic purifier creates vibrations that move a pottery disk inside it, exactly on its bottom, where there is water. These vibrations create very small water waves, that separate the essential oils (we can choose many parfumes) into micro-particles, which are lighter and free to go around.

Why is it good for the air? The micro moleculas created by the vibrations have a negative charge that catch the harmful particles in the environment and, consequentially, it purifies the air.

Why should we use the ultrasonic purifiers?

We said already it: it purifies the air. But another good reason is that we can enjoy even the benefits of the essential oils.

For example, compared with the candle diffusers, the ultrasonic ones don’t distort the molecular structure of the essence. Infact, while the first ones release the essences in the air by heating them, which nullifies the benefits of the oils because the heat changes the structure of the moleculas; with the ultrasound purifiers it doens’t happen beause there isn’t heat loss.

Furthermore, they have a more efficient system of spreading that allows even to humidify the air, especially during the winter, when, because of the heating, the environment is drier.

Online news

Now you are wondering which are the best ones to buy. Online there are many solutions for everyone.

An example is M1-Humidifier. A portable ultrasonic air purifier, which is easy to clean and to carry everywhere. It has a modern design, with a transparent and visible water tank. Its base is non-slip and it is equipped with 7 LED night lights. Thanks to its aesthetical characteristics it can be used even as decoration and as a night light.

ultrasonic air purifiers and design
The ultrasonic air purifiers are even design elements with other interesting characteristics.

What does it do? It increases the humidity in the air, it eliminates the unpleasant smells, it hydrates the skin and it helps to sleep. Inside the car it helps to keep a perfect environment to drive by avoiding the static electricity, while at work it reduces the radiations of the electronic objects and it sterilizes the environment.

If you need a medical means

Let’s say that you take care about the health aspect and about the beneficts of the ultrasound air purifier to your body. In this case the new online that we propose is the new 4 in 1 of the company NewGen Medicals.

ultrasonic air purifiers, ionizer
Between the ultrasonic air purifiers there are some of them that ionizy the air.

It is suggested even by who works in health and cosmetic field, this object helps to purify the air through the ions.

How does it work? It produce negative ions by taking the electrons from the ground and by transfering them to the surrounding air moleculas. This is possible thanks to its internal structure, where there are electrified needles that electrically charge the moleculas of the gases in the air, between them even the oxygen.

It has a great quality price rate, but espeically it requires few oil for a durable parfume. It consumes a little compared to the others and it has a water tank of 80 ml. It has 4 LED lights that take turns during the usage.

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