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Cuffie Bluetooth: why should we buy them

Maybe you don’t use them a lot, but the earpods for the smartphone are an essential accessory. Now the ones with the wire, even if they are still used a lot, were replaced by the bluetooth earpods. Let’s see together how to buy them and which are the best ones at the moment.

Quality of the bluetooth headphones

First of all the comfort to not be always connected to the phone with a wire. Wire which often kinked once put inside the bag or in the pocket of the jacket.

Most of the Bluetooth headphones in commerce has a sensibility included between the 105 and the 109 dB. The suggest is to one to never go under the 100 dB while deciding to buy one of them. Why? To not risk to have a poor sound quality, especially if they don’t give a perfect isolation.

Characteristics and performances

Let’s talk about the sound. It isn’t easy to find out the “objective” technical characteristics which are able to establish when the sound of a Bluetooth earphones can be considered great. Infact, the sound perception is individual and very personal.

By the way, thanks to the frequency, to the size of the driver and to the impedance we can do an evaluation which is useful to understand which ones is better to buy.

Suggestes of the moment

Why do we choose a headphones instead of another one? For its design, for the compatibility with our smartphone, or even for the autonomy and the basic functions.

Very often we choose even according to the price so we will start from the cheapest ones of our suggests: the Bluedio T2S. These bluetooth headphones cost 29€ and they are the ones with the best quality-price rate. They have an on-ear design and the support bluetooth 4.1

cheap bluetooth headphones
The bluetooth headphones model Bluedio TS2 are perfect for who needs on-ear headphones with an advantage price.

Do you know how long the battery lasts? About 40 hours! And they even have another peculiarity: they can be folded on themselves. They have a soft structure inside, as soft is the gum that covers the arch. What do you want to ask more to an ultra comfy headphone?

POWERADD: the smart earphone

By remaning on the focus quality-price rate, let’s now talk about the bluetooth earphones. They are bluetooth headphones too, obviusly, but as many of you know they can be placed inside the ear by becoming invisible..

Have you ever see someone in the street talking by himself? Maybe in reality he was having a call with POWERADD. They have an advanced bluetooth technology 5.0, that offers a stable and powerful connection compared with other similar headphones.

bluetooth headphones wireless
Poweradd, the new bluetooth earphones5.0

They can be easily charged inside their cover. To switch them on it will be enough to take them out of the cover and to place them in the ear. They an ergonomic design that perfectly suit with the ear and that allows them to be stucked on it. 

They are compatible with most of the smartphones in commerce, they cost 18,99€. A great alternative to the famous headphones produced by apple.

If you are interested to a trendy design

The purchase of a couple of bluetooth headphones very often is connected with the design. In this case our third and last suggest are the Beats by Dr. Dre Studio3 Wireless.

Their design is a pillar of the international rap. It’s elegant and fine, thanks to the two shades in contrast and the gold details, the style of these headphones is unique.

headphones bluetooth design addicted
The Beats by Dr Dre Studio 3 are perfect for who wants trendy bluetooth headphones

Let’s talk about characteristics. They aren’t only a couple of bluetooth headphones, infact, they even work in wireless mode. Their audio quality is amazing: infact they have an internal system of regulation in real time.

The battery of the Beats lasts about 22 hours and the Fast Fuel charge mode allows to this jewel of the sound to supply itself of energy in less than 10 minutes. A quick recharge that allows 3 consecutive hours of listening.

They perfectly suit with every device and they are different compared with the others on the marketplace because of the basses. They only have flaw: they have a sale price which is not for everyone.

A great Christmas gift

A couple of these earphones can be a great Christmas gift, to help friends and relatives to keep in touch with us even when we are away. Infact, many scientifical articles demonstrate that using the headphones during a conversation or to listen music, helps to increase the focusing, because the hands are free, but not only.

In case of the mobile phone it’s scientifically proved that the radiations emitted by our phones, even if those are minim, are harmful for our body, Keep the phone away from our ear during the long conversations reduces the risk to enter in contact with these radiations.

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