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Stimulate the brain: here you have how to feed it

And do you feed your brain? Maybe it’s not enough. I’m not talking about books and culture, but about feed, habits and technics to develop your mind to grow as well as we do with the muscles in the gym. 

Feed the brain is possible

For many years we thought that the neurons were fixed. The idea was the one that the production of the brain cells were limited to the embryo phase and that it stopped with the birth of the person. The research demonstrated that it was wrong. In the ’90s infact we saw how the brain continues to develop its own brain cells and that recreate the neurons with the time according to the usage that the human being does of his own mind. 

feed your brain
The neuronal plasticity is that ability of the brain cells to regenerate and to increase the volume of the grey matter

It’s called neuronal plasticity and it is on the basic of another discovery that the research did in the neurologic field, which is that most of the people only use a part of their brain skills. Who saw the movie “Limitless” knows what I’m talking about. What can a human being do by using the hundred percent of his brain? Maybe the quality of the life will improve. Maybe, as well as in the movie, we will lose the ability to regulate and to live our time. One thing is sure, if we train our brain it changes. 

If you feed your brain with foods that regulate it to produce new cells and you train it and you stimulate it, it will make new neurons. 

How do you feed your brain?

Very often our brain doesn’t eat the foods that are suitable for its development. We worry about what to give to our body in order to make it healthier and we don’t think about our mind. 

Mainly our brain needs Omega-3, Vitamin C, Iron and Potassium. They are inside a lot of the foods that we daily eat, but there are some foods that contain them most. 

First of all the blue fish. It is known for its healthy properties for the memory, it has even anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the bad cholesterol and that helps the mind to defend itself. 

The dry fruit is another class of food which is usually suggested to feed the brain. Especially Nuts and Linseeds have a huge quantity of Vitamine C, that helps the immune system and so even the brain can protect itself from illness. 

feed your brain with nuts
To have a healthier and stronger brain, the nuts are between the suggested food for the Vitamine C which is useful for the immune defence

The last ones, but not for the importance, are the green tea and the coffee. These two drinks, even if we suggest to not drink them too much for their energy property, have the ability to stimulate the mind and to fight the free radicals. They are perfect to keep the mind young and fresh, ready to find solutions to the problems that we give to it. 

How do you train your brain?

To re-create the neurons besides to feed our grey matter with the right food, we even need to train it with habits that continuosly stimulate the brain to stay active. 

A suggest about it it’s the one to always be curious, to make questions and to study the topics that we don’t know with specific readings. This will help it to always do something new and to challenge your mind. 

The second thing is the one to train our memory to remember for short and long times even something easy with mnemonic excersices. 

feed your brain with puzzles
Make the Puzzle is a great excersice to challenge your memory

Besides the memory another great excersice is the one to learn to use the sense individually: for example, learn to recognise the objects with the touch, or even use the smell or the taste. This excersice will help to develop all the senses and their relationship with the mind. 

Feed your brain by writing

If you are right-hand, let’s write with the left hand. Otherwise if you are left-hand, let’s write with the right hand. 

Definitivelly if you feed your brain by giving to it the right foods and by training it with the right excersices to make it more active is because you have to stimulate the synaptic activity, which are the structures that allow the connection between the neuro cells. 

The synapsy are normally few developed, learn to write with the not predominant hand helps the brain to put itself in a situation of problem solving. It’s about to push the brain to focus to develop itself actively, by involving many brain areas, from the language ones to the ones for the fingers movement control. 

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