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Computer virus in the days of the Covid-19

Computer virus in the days of the coronavirus

The virus Sars-Cov-2 isn’t the only one that we must fight. In this period outside the time, when the highest part of the global population is closed at home, where the job became smart as well as the school, the computer crimes are behind the corner. Many are the computer virus born in this period that will sign the history.

The computer virus

It happened even in the past, during the period characterized by big events as the attack to the Twin Towers, or the Ebola epidemic. Right during the virus Ebola arrived tons of mails that sponsorised remedies and miracle cures, but even alarming announcement or even claims said by important people.

By using the desire of information and through the download of an attached or the opening of a link some spy software, ransomware or programs for the remote control autonomously install themselves on the pc. So the computer criminals have free access to payment systems, sensitive datas or work documents.

The smart work

An equal important topic is the smart work, right for this reason. Many companies were forced to recover and to let their employee work from home. But let’s assume that they give to the employee a company pc and one of them opening an “infected” mail downoalds one or more computer virus. What will happen? The company datas will be under risk.

computer virus
Especially the companies must be careful in this period

Sometimes instead the problem is the opposite: companies which are ready to let an employee work from home, must open some doors to let the employee which is working in smart working inside the blinded network of the company.

And to make possible that there aren’t some holes in the passage to the smart working can’t be immediate or, worstly, superficial.

The latency period

But that’s not all, these computer virus, are collecting informations but the results of these lack of informations aren’t immediate.

Many of the copied datas will be probably used in the future, when the informatic pirates will decide to monetize their job and when the dust will settle.

We might wonder that to be attacked in the future will be these services become essential in this new reality made of smart working, deliveries and intensification of web operations.

Already happened attacked of the computer virus

For example in Croazia it already happened, it was attacked the infrastructure that managed the remote lessons. Before the Covid-19 this kind attack won’t make many damages, because there were very few people to use this service.

Or the 17th of march was attacked the service of food delivery Lieferando in Germany. To unlock the website they asked for 2 Bitcoins and meanwhile many orders were skipped and, worstly, some people tried to go to personally take the order nullifying the restrictive measures.

virus informatici
We must be careful to the mails that ask to download attached

But the healthcare system is the one that risk the most, becuase besides to the economical and organizative damages, there is even the risk for the life of many people.

The website of the police suggests to be careful not only about the mails that look handmade, but especially about the ones that are well refined and that offer services that support the emergency Covid-19 or that share prescriptions of the Oms.

Here you have a couple of examples about the computer virus. One is the fake map that shows the spreading of the coronavirus in the world that hidden a malware. Another one is the mail about which the police is investigating is about an apparent doctor Penelope Marchetti, which is an expert of the Global Organization of the healthcare. The mail is formally written and with likely and reliable informations and it invites to download an attached with anti infection informations which though hides a malware. Be careful even about the mails that come from banks and credit institution.


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