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Pictures of sons on socials? Better no

Chiara Ferragni, Fedez and Leone.

The temptation to post the pictures of our own sons on the socials arrived to all of us. If we have a Facebook account where there is part of our family then, it’s spontaneous. We share the picture so all the family and friends can see it and enjoy it with us. But we need to be careful about the risks that this action brings.

Post the picture of our own sons on socials

We start from the baby belly’s pictures, passing from the first ultrasounds, then we go on with the videos of the first cries: the pictures of the babies are the ones that receive more likes. Then there are the first steps, the first meals, slowly the baby life is told online.

A recent study about this argument, made in Great Britain, estimates that on average a 13 years old child has online 1.300 posts, pictures and videos about him, made by parents and family. But which are the consequences of these actions?

sons on socials
One of the web site most used to post pictures of sons on the socials is Facebook

The experts are warning for a while about the phenomenon of the shareting (the word that defines the sharing of pictures and videos about our own sons). But this shouldn’t be made. Firstly it’s about respect, because that material will be available forever online and we don’t know if our son will agree, but it’s even about the safety.

Often, infact, we don’t understand that the picture of the first day at school portrais even the school building, which can be, for example, easily recognizable by a stranger. Or even the pictures that contain directly the tag of the place where they were shooted.

Too many informations

We need to be careful even about the long period: pubblic accounts can be easily found and observed by who select the employees. If our own son is tagged in many pictures it’s possible that from it a good observer can take informations. He might understand his likings, the school performances or which are his hobbies. Those deductions can even be used in the future and become essential in the decision if hire a person or not.

Generally this is a concept that worst not only for the pictures of the sons on the socials, but for every picture posted on the web. This doesn’t mean that we can’t post anything, especially about the childs. The suggest, instead, is the one to think about the post and to limit it to important occasions.

What does the law say about the pictures of sons on the social

The upcoming of the socials was rapid and, until few years ago, we didn’t even know how to better use them, or which were the risks and the potentialities. Today luckly we have the instruments and more informations about their usage and about the traps that are hidden behind them.

sons on Socials
Chiara Ferragni, Fedez and the small Leone

Even the legislators are moving toward it. In Italy, for example, today the publication of children’s pictures must happen after the agreement of both parents. The posts furthermore must respect the self respect, the reputation and the image of the protagonist of the picture or the video. This about the youngers of 14. After that every action of posts of videos or pictures about the children can be share only if the guy gave agreement. 

Especially then the Codacons said something about who publishes the images of their own sons on the social networks to publicise himself, like often the celebrities do. This usage is considered illegal. And through a complaint at the Prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Roma has been proposed a preventive seizure of all the images that portraies childrens.

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