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New business opportunities with the online investments

business opportunities

In the age of internet everyone think that is easy to become billionaires by investing online, and actually there is someone that did it, but only the greatest ones, or the most lucky ones. There are thousands of solutions that allow to earn something online or to invest our capitals and doubling them. However we have to walk on eggshells and not starting to imagining to upside down our life. We just have to consider those earning opportunities as a small extra income or a help in the investment.

Which are so those business opportunities? Surveys, advertising, paid to write, paid to click, mining, etc. Right the mining and the cryptocurrencies are nowadays ever more on everyone’s lips. By the way is very unlikely that we have a computer fit for purpose at home, and so, how can we safely invest on it? Maybe by giving our money to expert miners, through specialised platforms. Here you have three ideas to invest our money online and get an income.

Kirkland and Felt Company

Kirkfelt (Kirkland and Felt) allows us to invest our money by daily earning on them. The company is launched in the world of the cryptocurrencies and of the mining and it’s composed by Mr Kirkland and Mr Felt. The first one is the owner of a mining operation in Iceland since the 2011. The second one is since the middle of the ’90s that he deals with trading.

Business opportunity with Kirkland&Felt

Both of them are proven experts in their own sectors. It’s important to know to how we are giving our saving. Substantially we are investing on them and they, right back, will thank us with the interests as income.

The functioning of the platform is easy: we register ourselves, we deposit the wished amount of money, which will be invested, we wait that it gains what belong to us and we get our income.

The investment plans proposed by Kirkfelt are basically three:

  • Max Trade: the first investment plan provides a minimum deposit of 25 dollars and a maximum of 100.000 dollars. Those will mature the daily 7% for a total of 20 working days (28 calendar days). So, by investing, for example, 100 dollars, every day they will mature 7 dollars, for a total, at the end of the 20 days, of 140 dollars.
  • High Trade: the second investment plan provides a minimum deposit of 10 dollars. This time, the relevant period will be of 28 days, during which, we will have available the maturated money. But the whole amount will be usable only at the end of the investment period. In this case we will mature the total 155%.
  • Mining plan: the last investment plan, finally, provides a minimum deposit of 10 dollars too. The investment will be 20 calendar days long and they will mature the 1,25% per day. So at the end of the period on an investment of 100 dollars we will get 25 dollars more. In this case, obviusly, we will get back even the invested amount of money, for a total of 125 dollars.

Tessline Limited

Let’s move now on another investments’ platform that deals with mining and trading. The functioning is similar to the Kirkland&Felt one, but the investment plans are more and varied.

Tessline is a company of investment and trading born in the 2004. Since there it grown, arriving to count 135 teams of investment, of 30 different countries in the world, which job is the one to let earn money to the investors all over the world.

Business opportunity with Tessline

To succeed in business, as, indeed, in almost everything else, the most important thing is to be able to concentrate and use your time rationally”- Iain Cameron, head of the company Tessline Limited.

The Tessline investment plans are divided in three kinds of customers:

  • Start: the beginner investors have two investment plans. The Loyal, that provides a minimum deposit of 50 dollars and that matures a daily income of 1,6%, and Increase, which provides a minimum deposit of 2.500 dollars, with an interest rate in the period 0f 50 days of the 205%.
  • Elevation: even the elevation provides two investment plans, the Professional and the Prosperity. The first one provides a minimum deposit of 3.000 dollars, while the second one of 10.000. The interest rate is the 2% per day for the first one and the 400% in the period of 110 days for the second one.
  • Riches: the two investment plans Luxury and Growing, provides, respectively, a minimum deposit of 15.000 and 500 dollars. For an income of the 2,40% per day for the first one and of the 1200% in the period of 200 days for the second one.
  • Vip: finally we have the last investment plan, which provides a minimum deposit of 100.000 dollars and that matures an interest of the 200% in 40 days.

DoubleUP Mania

The last website about which we would like to talk about with you is much different compared with the previous ones. It’s about to doubling the amount of money deposited, but in this case we don’t have just to wait that teams make the most of our saving. Otherwise, we need to effort to let them doubling. Nothing too hard, it’s just about making some surveys, or some social shares, or to see some videos, we are talking about 4 or 5 minutes of “work” per day.

DoubleUP Mania
Business opportunities with DoubleUP Mania

DoubleUP Mania, infact, is a company of advertising on demand. To us it will be requested to give them a small help, in exchange, the amount of money deposited by us will doubling itslef.

Usuful suggests

Let’s entrust to an upper line if you want to try those three platforms, by clicking on the three link referral links here below and you will enter in our community and you will have a valid support that will explain you how every process works. We just opened a Telegram channel where we could ask more details and where we can challange ourselves by screenshotting our best profiles.

It only remains to choose the better suited option and to start to see our saving doubling themselves under our eyes.

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